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The Chittick Family History
as written by Erminda (Chittick) Rentoul
1890 The Lodge, Cliftonville, Belfast. Ireland

Chapter Nine | Colquhoun & Luss Families

The Colquhoun Family

Sir Bernard Burke says- The origin of this family is enveloped in the obscurity of remote antiquity, and has been variously traced by uncertain tradition. Some have been disposed to carry it as far back as the invasion of Scotland by the Romans under Agricola, when Galgacus (supposed to be the Latin corruption of Colquhoun), the celebrated general of the Caledonians, gallantly contended with the Imperial commander in the memorable battle of the Grarnpians. Other accounts deduce the descent from Conoch, a King of Ireland; while a third tradition derives the family from a younger son of the Earls of Lennox. Fraser, in his "Chiefs of Colquhoun," 1869 gives-

The Luss Family

Maldouen, first of Luss, 1150, 1220
Umfridus de Kilpatrick and de Colquhoun, 1190, 1260
Gilemore, second, 1220, 1250
Sir Robert of Colquhoun, 1260, 1280
Maurice, third, 1250, 1280
Sir Humphre of Colquhoun, 1308, 1330
Sir John, fourth, 1280, 1315
Malcolm, fifth, 1315, 1345.
Godfrey, sixth, 1345, 1385.
Seventh, the Lady of Luss, 1385, 1415.
Sir Robert of Colquhoun and of Luss, fifth Laird of Colquhoun and seventh of Luss, 1330, 1390.
The Lady of Luss married Sir Humphrey Colquhoun, sixth of Colquhoun and eighth of Luss, 1390,

Robert Colquhoun, seventh of Colquhoun and ninth of Luss, 1406, 1408. He was succeeded by his younger brother.

Sir John Colquhoun succeeded his brother Robert as eighth of Colquhoun and tenth of Luss. Married jean Erskine. He bound himself, between 25th July, 1392 and the 23rd of April, 1411, by letters patent, sealed with his seal, to Duncan, seventh Earl of Lennox, that he would marry Margaret, daughter of that Earl, within the term of two years. Whether Sir John implemented this engagement does not appear. Sir John Colquhoun had by jean, daughter of Robert, Lord Erskine, who was a co-heir with Lyle, of Duchal, of the ancient Earls of Mar, one son and one daughter.

Malcolm pre-deceased his father, leaving by his wife, whose name has not been ascertained, a son, John, who succeeded his grandfather.

Sir John, ninth of Colquhoun and eleventh of Luss, 1439, 1478. Sir John married, first, - Boyd, a lady of the family of Lord Boyd, by whom he had a son, Humphrey, and a daughter, Margaret. He married, secondly, Lady Elizabeth Dunbar, second daughter of James Dunbar, fifth Earl of Murray. He was succeeded by his son.

Humphrey, tenth of Colquhoun and twelfth of Luss, 1478, 1493 Married Jean Erskine, daughter of Lord Erskine; secondly, Marion Baillie, Dowager Lady Somerville.

Sir John Colquhoun, eleventh of Colquhoun and thirteenth of Luss, 1493, 1536. Married Elizabeth Stuart daughter of John, Lord Darnley, afterwards first Earl of Lennox, by his wife, Margaret, daughter of Alexander, second Lord Montgomerie; secondly, Margaret Cunningham, of Craigends.

Humphrey Colquhoun, twelfth of Colquhoun and fourteenth of Luss, 1536, 1537. Married Lady Catherine Graham, daughter of William, first Earl of Montrose, who fell at the battle of Flodden on 9th September 1513.

Sir John Colquhoun, thirteenth of Colquhoun and fifteenth of Luss, 1538, 1574. Married, first, Christian Erskine, daughter of Robert, Lord Erskine (who was killed at Flodden, 1513), by his wife, Dame Elizabeth Campbell, Lady Erskine. He married, secondly, Agnes, daughter of Robert, fourth Lord Boyd.

Sir Humphrey Colquhoun, fourteenth of Colquhoun and sixteenth of Luss, 1574, 1592. Before he had reached his majority he married Lady Jean Cunningham, daughter of Alexander, Earl of Glenecairne, and widow, of Archibald, fifth Earl of Argyle. He married, secondly, Jean Hamilton, daughter of Lord John Hamilton (second son of the Regent Arran, Duke of Chatelherault, in France, and declared to be heir to the Scotch Throne, failing Queen Mary). In the year 1586 Sir Humphrey intended to visit the Continent, and before his departure he committed his servants, tenants, and dependents to the protection of his cousin, Ludovic, second Duke of Lennox. Sir Humphrey was assassinated in the Castle of Bannachra, July, 1592, when he was about 27 Years of age (see Scott's " Rob Roy " and " Lady of the Lake ").

Sir Humphrey was succeeded by his brother, Alexander Colquhoun, fifteenth of Colquhoun and seventeenth of Luss, 1592, 1617. He married Helen Buchanan, daughter of Sir George Buchanan of that ilk.

Sir John Colquhoun, sixteenth of Colquhoun and eighteenth of Luss, 1627,1647. Married Lady Lillias Graham, eldest daughter of the fourth Earl of Montrose (and sister of the great Marquis).

He was succeeded by his son, Sir John Colquhoun, seventeenth of Colquhoun and nineteenth of Luss, 1647, 1676 Married Margaret Baillie, daughter of Sir Gideon Baillie, of Lochend, by his wife, Magdalene Cormigie, the second daughter of David, Lord Cormigie, eldest son of David, first Earl of Southesk.

Sir James Colquhoun, eighteenth of Colquhoun and twentieth of Luss, 1676,1680. Died unmarried, and was succeeded by his uncle.

Sir James Colquhoun, nineteenth of Colquhoun and twenty-first of Luss, 1680, 1688. Married Penuel, daughter and co-heiress of William Cunningham, of Balleighan Ireland, son of Sir James Cunningham, of Glegarnock, in the County of Ayr, by his wife, Lady Catherine, daughter of James, seventh Earl of Glencaime.

Rev. George Hill, in his Plantation of Ulster (1877), page 295says:-

Sir James Cunningham's Scotch friends supposed that he had got 12,000 acres in Ireland. The rental of Sir James's Barony of Glengarnock, several years after its sale by his creditors, was-Money rent L2,480; 52 bolls of meal, 14 bolls of 24 dozen and a half of capons, with work sufficient from the tenants to plough, harrow, weed, shear, draw in and stack 25 acres grains (See Paterson's “Ayrshire Families,” vol. 2, pp. 119-121)

Of the marriage of Sir James Colquhoun, the fourth Baronet, anu his wife, Penuel Cunningham, there were two sons and a daughter-
1. Humphrey, his successor.
2. James
3. Elizabeth.
James, the second son, signed a renunciation to the estates in Scotland on the 18th January 1682.

Fraser's Chiefs of Colquhoun, vol. I, page 302:-
“Sir James, by a contract between him and his son Humphrey in 1686, renounced his life-rent of the reserved lands in consideration of his getting the debts owing to him in the kingdom of Ireland, that he might uplift and employ them for provision of his other children, James and Elizabeth."

James took possession of the lands of Manorcunningham, brought to his father by Penuel Cunningham, and married Deborah, eldest daughter of Henry Blennerhassett, of Crevenish Castle, County Fermanagh. His name appears in King James's bills of attainder as James Colquehoun, of Crevenish Castle.

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