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The Chittick Family History
as written by Erminda (Chittick) Rentoul
1890 The Lodge, Cliftonville, Belfast. Ireland

Chapter Seven | Johnstone, Marquess of Annandale

The most noble and puissiant, Prince James Johnstone, Marquess and Earl of Annandale, Earl of Hartfield, Viscount Annandale Lord Johnstone, of Lochwood, Lochmaben, Moffatdale, and Evendale; Heritable Constable and Keeper of the Castle of Lochmaben; and Stewart Principal of the Stewartry of Annandale, one of the extraordinary Lords of Session, and Sheriffs of the Stewarties of Kirkcubright and Peebles. The Johnstones are an ancient, great, and warlike family, and derive their surname from the Barony of Johnstone, their patrimony, which gives title of lord to the eldest son of the family, who are always stewards of the County of Annandale.

Sir William Betham, Ulster King of Arms, genealogist to the Order of Saint Patrick, and author of "The Genealogical Table of the Sovereigns of the World," says, in his manuscript in the library of Thirlistaine House, Cheltenham, entitled, "English Families Settled in Fermanagh," Johnstone descended from the Marquess of Annandale. Many great and eminent men, both in Church and State, have sprung from the house of Casbin. Many families of the Johnstones were planted in Fermanagh before the war of 1641, in so much that 260 of them were lifted in the beginning of said war. Among the clans of the said Johnstones there was one Walter Johnstone, who in daily reports was esteemed and valued for his manhood and hospitable way of living, being counted one of the best entertainers in Fermanagh. The said Walter Johnstone left behind him a numerous posterity, among whom are two of his Majesty's justices of the Peace in this county, and one in the County of Leitrim, Eldest son, James Johnstone, of Magheramena, in the Barony of Lurg; and second son, Walter Johnstone, of Kilmore, Esq.

Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King of Arms, in his “Landed Gentry" Vol. 1, page 1002, says “Johnstone, Magheramena, seated in County Fermanagh more than two centuries, descended from the family of Casbin in Scotland," &c., &c.

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