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The Chittick Family History
as written by Erminda (Chittick) Rentoul
1890 The Lodge, Cliftonville, Belfast. Ireland

Chapter Eight | Sandys of Omerbsleigh

The family of Sandys, of Ombersley, in the County of Worcester, was more anciently seated at St. Bees, in Cumberland, as appears by a certificate given by Henry, Clarenceaux King of Arms, to Edwin Sandys, Bishop of Worcester, and afterwards Archbishop of York, and by him laid before the Privy Council in a dispute between him and Sir John Bourne, High Steward of the Church of Worcester, and a beneficary there.

In 1377, first Richard II, Richard del Sandys was returned Knight of the Shire of Cumberland; in the fourteenth of Richard the II., Thomas del Sandys served in Parliament as Knight of the Shire for Cumberland; in the eighteenth of Richard II., again returned Knight for Cumberland.

The pedigree of this family, as recorded in the Herald's Visitation of Lancaster, Cambridge, and Bucks, made in the years 1567, 1619 and 1634, begins with Robert Sandys, of St. Bees, in Cumberland, who had two sons, John and Thomas.

Sir Bernard Burke says:-

This family was originally seated at St. Bees in Cumberland. The Rev. Edwin Sandys, D.D., Master of Catherine Hall, and ViceChancellor of the University of Cambridge, temp. Edward VI., having attached himself to the interests of Lady Jane Grey, was imprisoned in the Tower of London after the accession of Mary, but from which, being at length released, he withdrew to the continent and resided abroad during the remainder of her Majesty's reign. Upon Elizabeth succeeding to the throne, Doctor Sandys returned, was successively Bishop of Winchester, Bishop of London, and Archbishop of York. His Grace died in 1588, having several children, the eldest. of whom, Sir Samuel Sandys, inherited the Manor of Ombersley, Co. Worcester, from his father, of which shire he was Sheriff in the 16th of James I.

Sir Samuel Sandys was brother of Sir William Sandys, of Dublin.

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