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The Chittick Family History
as written by Erminda (Chittick) Rentoul
1890 The Lodge, Cliftonville, Belfast. Ireland

Poem by William Gervais Chittick, written to Erminda (his aunt)
included in the book

Dear Aunt:
After waiting for many a week,
Sir Bernard, (by H. Farnham Burke) deigns to speak.
His letter is herewith enclosed, and you’ll see
He is anxious to gaze on our family tree.
For the purpose, avowed, of conferring the boon
Of a wife, duly wed, upon Captain Colquhoun.
In case we can prove our descent from the same,
And can show that the gallant was wed to the dame.

I have answered his letter; enclosed you will find
My reply, which I trust will be quite to your mind.
It is short, noncommittal, and opens the way
For more correspondence at some future day.
When duly advised by yourself, I will try,
To furnish Sir B. with a detailed reply.
Will you therefore advise me, with out more delay
Than convenience demands, as to what I shall say?

Do you think it is all the occasion requires
If we trace to Colquhoun through the line of the Squires.
Winding up with the Captain, who perished in Flanders,
And whose daughter, fair Lillias, became Alexander’s?
Or would you suggest that we seize the occasion,
To trace the mail line to the Norman invasion.

From Chittick to Chittog, (who lived in the days
Of King James) then to Chidiock and old John Gervase,
For the purpose, of course, of prevailing on Burke,
To publish the same in his forthcoming work?
I think, if the proof were complete, that the matter
Submitted to Burke should relate to the latter;

And, as to the proof, if you show, as you can,
That we trace to the King of the Island of Man.
Whose sister was taken by Chittog to spouse,
(For which see the record in Thirlestane House)
It should put you at once on the Immigrant’s track,
And expose the whole line for six centuries back.
But, perhaps, even further than this we should go,
And both the direct and collateral show,

Bringing in Blennerhassett, long since in his tomb,
Audley, Napier and Beresford, Waller and Hume,
Austin, Cunningham, Robinson, Sinclair, and Squire.
The Black Cock of West and Sir Rory Maquire,
Johstone, Stuart, and Hamilton, Leslie and Mervyn,
Knox, Leckey and Forester, and Archdall, and Irvine,
The Arundells, Fitz Warrens, Fitz Paynes, and St. Loes,
With five royal descents and the Duke of Montrose,

Completing a record that fairly appalls,
And concluding with Brennus the King of the Gauls.
So please let me know, by Her Majesty’s mail,
Just what to reply, and in this do not fail.
In the meantime, your nephew I am in the flesh,
And a lineal descendant of Chittog of Kesh.

William Gervais Chittick

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